Pain management ‘maintenance’ after my flare up

I’m not really liking the word “maintenance” because even though my return to work programme has finished I’d like to think I’m still in the rehabilitation phase. I’m the best I’ve been for a long time, but I really hope this isn’t the best I can do.

The plan at the moment centres around pain management and I’m not due to see the surgeon again until September. I don’t know why I pin all hopes on the surgeon, there’s plenty of other things on the go that I can keep persevering with that might see me through to full recovery… medication, physio therapy, osteopathy, yoga, meditation, pain management psychology good sleep, good work/life balance, swimming, walking and diet.

Diet… Now that’s an area I CAN work on and really need to. I am sure there is a link to food and pain. I know I’ve got intolerances to wheat and dairy, my current diet doesn’t exactly avoid them completely. My main issue… not making the time/energy to organise myself.

Anyone out there have any advice on eating well to help with pain management?

Photo: Lunch with the pigeons, trying to make sure I get enough fresh air and sunshine during the week.



Are you really ok?

I saw this on Facebook this week, a lot of people living with chronic pain, illness or emotional turmoil will relate.

With the choir term stating this week a lot of people have been asking me how I am. My standard line is a cheerful “‘I’m OK”, “It’s managed” or “I’m doing really well”. Only one, bless her, looked me in the eyes and said “Are you really ok?”


The end of my gym based rehab program

Just had the last physio session (gym based rehab) of my return to work plan. It’s been 4-5 months of physio 2-3x a week at the gym. Starting with hydrotherapy in the pool, finishing up with a land based program using gym equipment. Today, despite being in the middle of a flare up I even pushed the limits and managed 20mins on the stationary bike. Result.

So now the rehab program is over my physio is recommending I continue to work with her but less often. I’ve been told to go to the gym x3 a week and I’m guessing if ongoing physio is approved I’ll see her every 1-2 weeks to tweak the strengthening program.

I’ll be kick boxing in no time! 🙂

A new ‘feature’

Sometimes at work we will sarcastically talk about a software defect as a ‘special feature’. My hip has developed a special feature in the last week, it gave way from under me with a very painful audible click. Its been locking/clicking for a while but the giving way is new. Fingers crossed it was a once off as it was friggin painful. For several days.

I had a very good meeting with my doctor last week (before hip locked up), we’ve got a solid plan forward with pain management that Im happy with. My plan involves reducing/ceasing one of my meds (yay) and sticking with the rest for a few more months. Fingers crossed less meds equates to more energy. I’ve also promised her I’ll not to do anything stupid. Still no kick boxing or running for me. Oh well… I’m grateful to be walking and I am hanging out to get back into the pool when I reopens next week. It’s funny how much I disliked swimming at first, now I love it!