Advice from the physio

The physio who worked with me throughout my recent round of rehabilitation has left NZ, so I decided to go back to my old physio clinic. I’ll admit it was a little upsetting/weird to go back. I’ve been seen at that clinic regularly for 3 years now. I wish I didn’t have a need to go back there.

Anyways, a fresh set of eyes familiar with my case has proved useful, so far I’ve learnt:
– Ive got a lazy butt! It isn’t working properly so I’m practicing my one legged bridges. But despite my lazy butt she is very pleased (and a little surprised) with my much improved functionality.
– She was horrified to hear about the kickboxing but is agreeing to letting me try regular boxing on the condition I limit the twisting from the hips.
– I’ve got to focus on strength over flexibility, especially when doing yoga. She said its ok to play at my edge (to find it) but then pull back to 70% and build up from there slowly.
– I need to be careful not to stress the joint capsule, esp when doing the yoga. I’ve got a really good range of movement but I need to be keep being careful.
– When at choir I need to focus on core stability/grounding through my feet. Minimise the swinging as much as possible. Little swings are much better than big movement which seems to flare up the hip. When required remember to have feet in “third position” (ballet term) for standing. This helps with raising tall and maintaining core stability, but gives my hip a breather.

She’s worked on my back (kneeling chair seems to be causing issues), recommended I go back to having regular massages and see a suitably qualified personal trainer. I think the plan is to finish up the physio and self maintain from here if possible. She said to come back when needed. I really hope I can keep progressing on my own and don’t need to go back. More than anything I really hope this isn’t the best my hip can be. I’ve come to realise that patience, perseverance and time are wonderful healers. So I’ll keep working hard and keep being patient.



Alcohol doesn’t agree with me

My hip is doing better and I’m able to be a lot more social than before. But I am struggling a little bit because alcohol simply doesn’t agree with me. After one glass of wine I feel a little drunk and get a hangover that feels like I drank 3/4 bottle. It’s the medication I suspect, medication that calms the nerve pain in my hip joint and is hopefully going to prevent another episode of purple leg.

The sensible thing to do is not to drink, I do this quite a lot. But sometimes I really just want to have a good time, relax and have a few drinks with everyone else. Oh well… You can’t always have everything. But it does make me realise this medication solution isn’t overly sustainable in the long term.

My kickboxing career is over – doctors orders!

I saw my GP the other week to discuss medication and the plan forward from here. I gave her an update on the clicking/locking, pain levels, sleeping… Etc. I got my medication tweaked slightly and agreed to be patient with my rehabilitation (which feels like it’s seriously plateaued). I mentioned the kickboxing and told her about the minor post-kickboxing flare up… she was horrified I’d attempted boxing and made me promise not to do it again. She was not happy at all. Oops. Not entirely my fault, the physio gave me the green light and we tested the waters carefully. The doctor wasn’t overly impressed with my physio. :-/

So my Muay Thai Kickboxing career is over before it started. I’ve been told to stick to more gentle exercises like swimming and yoga. …sigh… I really did enjoy the boxing. Such a great workout and oh so much fun!

Alas, the benefits (fun, fitness and a rush of endorphins) may outweigh the pain, but the risk of further injury are too high. It’s simply not worth it.