A doctors view on chronic pain/illness

I stumbled upon this link via my twitter feed today and it is the most helpful thing I’ve read online in a long time. A doctors view on chronic pain/illness and what they think of us patients. It is a very well worded reminder that doctors are human and that we can be a little scary. Yeah… I get that now, I wish had read this 3 years ago!!


Life goes on

It’s been a while since I last posted on here. I wish I could say my hips are happy and have been healed, alas.. Life goes on and I’ve taken some slow steps backwards. I’m treading water really (at best) and feeling very tired for it. I’m thinking a mid-winter holiday is needed!

I’m reading Vidyamala Burch’s book “living well with pain and illness” which is insightful. It’s well aligned to my way of thinking and gives practical information about using mindfulness techniques to manage a life with chronic pain. It’s a good read and has encouraged me to do more meditation, something I’ve found helpful on the past.