Food as medicine

I recently attended a seminar on food to fight inflammation. It was given by a naturopath and nutritionist, Helen Padarin, who is clearly very passionate about the work she does. The seminar was aimed at heath professionals as well as patients and inspired me to look at food as another tool to get me out of this chronic pain and inflammation mess.

I’ve since had my first session with Helen where I gave her my medical history and we talked about a plan forward. Helen has experience with complex cases and looks at things from a holistic and systems point of view which is great. I think she’ll really be able to help me clean up my diet which should have an impact on my pain and general well being. She gave me some things to start with and it’s going fairly well so far. I’m finding the trick is to be organised, this is where things generally fall over for me!

Food as medicine: Blueberry, banana, and almond milk smoothie. With cinnamon and chia seeds. Yum!