Are we there yet?

I’m still doing my rehabilitation program, it’s been over a year of working closely with the physio at the gym to stabilise my hip and build strength. I’m doing really well, have a lot more function and pain levels have improved. Yesterday I asked my physio how far have I come? How far do I have to go? Are we there yet?

She said I was about half way, she thinks she can work with me to get another 25% and then I can probably get another 25% by myself. I’m not sure how I feel about this as it’s been a very long road to get to 50%. But I think the hardest part is over, the intense pain and the frustration of not being able to do even the smallest things has mostly passed. I’ve got to a point where I can ignore the pain and can work with it instead of fighting it. It’s now time for me to keep pushing gently forward and keep my eye on the prize. I look forward to being able to go for long walks again and get back to a more active lifestyle.

I’ve got 3 weeks of physio and then I’m off to India to do a course of yoga therapy. Last night I bought myself a new mat which is intended to signal a new chapter in my yoga practice. My old red mat and I have been through many highs and lows. It’s time to shed the past and start fresh with a new mat. I can’t wait for it to arrive.



Hopeful words

Every now and then I see something that really resonates with me. Yesterday it was this sign:

Being in chronic pain can be a very frustrating and lonely business. Its easy to forget the situation is frustrating for our loved ones too, I bet there are times when both parties wish a big hug could mend the broken bits.

The road to recovery continues

Wow, it’s been 3 months since I last updated the blog. So much has changed since then, but in a way – not a lot has changed!

I’m still dealing with hip/thigh pain, I still take a lot of medication, I still have trouble sleeping and I’m still working with the pain clinic. But I’ve been working hard with a physiotherapist at my gym on another ACC rehabilitation program and we are getting great results. My hip function is improving, I’m walking without a limp, able to do some yoga and I’m able to pull long hours at work again. Best of all I’m starting to be more social and I am actually starting to feel ‘normal’ again. This is great. Another thing that has really helped my wellbeing is finding out I was very anaemic, taking iron supplements has improved my energy levels.

Since I last wrote I’ve also met with my surgeon and had another round of tests (MRI arthrogram and CT). The local anaesthetic in the joint and impingement testing confirmed that the hip joint is where the pain is coming from. After the injection I had several hours of pain free bliss, I was able to lie on the couch without a pillow between my knees and sit without pain – ah the things people take for granted. The CT/MRI shows the joint has deteriorated since last year, I’ve now got a grade 4 defect with an underlying cyst, as well as the FAI. Grade 0 is normal, grade 4 is as bad as it gets and means the cartilage damage exposes the underlying bone. Ouch. Finally some medical tests that help justify the pain.

My surgeon is not very good at explaining things, so I’m a little unsure of my options forward. He told me to enjoy summer and come back in February to discuss potential surgery. This is good because I need time to get used to the idea of surgery and I want to get much stronger and fitter first. As much as I respect my surgeon, I really want a second opinion from someone who can answer my questions and explain my options better.

So.. That is where I’m at. I’ve got another 6 weeks or so of rehabilitation program left. Then I’m off to Thailand and India for a holiday. I’m on doctors orders to enjoy summer, so enjoy summer I will!