Yoga yoga everywhere

Yoga yoga everywhere… I’m kind of over it! I’m staying in a different part of Mysore this year and it’s where all the yoga schools are, consequently where all the yoga students are. Mysore attracts a certain type of yoga student and the high number of students in one suburb (at least 1,000) creates a slightly weird vibe. Almost all of the conversations around me seem to be yoga centric, there are a few weirdos around and a lot of people who take their yoga oooh so seriously. I much preferred the location of where my school used to be, it was in a quiet suburb with a much smaller number of yoga students who were laid back and happy to integrate into the relaxed local lifestyle. But, alas, things change and I need to adapt accordingly. I think next time I’ll get a place with a kitchen so I don’t have to eat out all the time. That will make a big difference.

In hip related news, the ice calmed down that flare up nicely and I’m back to normal levels of pain, I still can’t lie on my left side but the swelling has reduced significantly. Phew.

Yoga wise… I had a wee hissy fit the other day, cried for the first time in ages but am feeling a lot better now. Being here in Mysore and unable to do my old yoga practice is like salt in the wounds… it is painful but also healing. I’ve got less than 2weeks left, so I need to focus my energy on staying positive, looking forward (not in the past) and getting the most out of my time here. Now that I’ve shed my tears and dropped some of the angry feelings my yoga practice is improving. Go figure! It’s starting to look a lot less like physiotherapy and more like a yoga asana practice. Yay.

Here is a photo of a pranic coffee (nuts, almond milk, banana and coffee) and the pool. Life here is pretty good.