Yoga Therapy: End of week 3 – reflections

I can’t believe another week has passed and I’ve only got one more left. I really wish I could stay longer as I feel I’m just getting started. I’ve made some progress but it is very obvious I have a long way to go.

This week has had some highs and lows. It’s been quite painful and the swelling on the side of my leg is still a problem. We are being very careful with the yoga so I’m pretty sure it’s caused by an increase in activity and is more likely to be related to walking around Mysore too much, insufficient rest and doing my washing ala bucket. I have been able to ice it which has really helped, I also released some trigger points using my trusty spiky ball and foam roller. With a bit more resting and a little less sitting in restaurants/cafés I think it will come right.

In the last I’ve had a couple of days I’ve had some disappointing realisations. Firstly, I don’t think yoga can cure my hip problems and I’m doubtful it can reduce my pain levels by much. But it certainly makes me feel better – it’s so nice doing something other than physiotherapy, even if a lot of what I’m doing is pretty much physiotherapy exercises with better integration of the breath! I think I’ve done physiotherapy and alternative therapies to death, I’m starting to realise the harsh reality is that I’m probably stuck with this pain. I know I should be more hopeful and optimistic, but I am really struggling to see a path forward here given how much effort I’ve put into getting this far.

I’ve had a harsh lesson in expectations this week too. I really thought I could come here and get to a point of returning to yoga classes in New Zealand, or at least be able to do sun salutations so I can have a nice flowing practice at home. Alas, it’s clear I’ve still got a long way to go. My practice at the moment is very basic – no twists, no stretching, no fun and a lot of basic strengthening exercises. It’s clearly what I need, but it’s humbling and feels like Groundhog Day – I’m stuck in a cycle of starting from scratch with my rehabilitation! :-/

So I have one week left, a few of my friends are leaving this week so I think it will be a lot quieter and more restful. I think this is a good thing. I have been enjoying my holiday so rest hasn’t really been my top priority.


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