Oh oh – increased clicking/catching in my hip

Oh oh, I’ve had my hip catch so painfully it takes me breath away 4-5x today and 2x yesterday. This is a big increase from the 1-2x a week I’ve been experiencing up until now. I was racking my brain trying to work out what is causing it, I was typing an email to my physio and the words “perhaps my alignment has shifted” and I realised…. the new orthotics, of course! I’ve been walking and standing taller, also my knees have improved. The orthotics are working, I love them, but obviously my hip doesn’t.

Either that or I’m distributing my weight differently because my ankle hurts, this is unlikely because my ankle has been hurting for over a month!

Hopefully this is temporary, when it catches it takes my breath away and causes alarm to people around me. Luckily the pain subsides quickly, but when it happens it’s very unpleasant and sometimes the hip gets locked up and I have to force a click. Sigh… the sooner my surgery happens, the better.


Dancing on one leg, not such a great idea!

A few weeks ago I went to a concert and really wanted to dance and enjoy myself. So I took some pain killers and danced awkwardly on one leg. In the process I managed to hurt my ankle, nothing serious just annoying. It wouldn’t settle so I’ve finally got it seen to by my physio, she’s flushed out the swelling and is working on breaking down scar tissue. Because I’m always twisting my ankle and my ligaments are lax (as they are everywhere), she’s taped me up for a bit of extra support while I’m healing. Compared to the hip pain it’s not a big deal at all, more of a mild annoyance. The good thing though, with a few physio treatments it will be one less annoyance for me to contend with.

I guess the moral of the story is that dancing on one leg is not such a great idea. Especially if you’ve taken pain killers. Ooops. It was a good night though, no regrets.




Phase one of waiting – complete!

Today I had my outpatients appointment with my orthopaedic surgeon, filled in copious amounts of paperwork and now I’m officially on the waiting list for surgery! Hooray. Phase one of waiting is complete.

Now I am waiting to hear what date my surgery will be scheduled for. The updated indication from the surgeon is end of May or June. He seems to think the risk of another CRPS flare up is very low and my history of “suspected CRPS” won’t add to the rehabilitation time. Phew, that was a good result!

He’s also confirmed the bursitis and has offered me a cortisone shot under ultrasound. So that will hopefully happen soon (waiting for a referral) and will reduce the pain/inflammation.


Hip Bursitis (aka Lumpy)

When I was in India I started getting a new “defect” in the hip. A lump of swelling and burning pain down the side of my hip/thigh. Ice and rest helped, eventually we worked out the motion of cat/cow (yoga postures) was aggravating it. But while things have improved somewhat, ever since then my new symptom Lumpy has been hanging around. I ice my hip regularly and that’s really the only thing that helps with the swelling. My physio sent me off for an ultrasound and the results came back today, I’ve got Bursitis, swelling of the bursa on my hip. Unfortunately the treatment is anti-inflammatories and rest from aggravating activities (ie, sport). I’m not doing enough activity because of the FAI to warrant resting and I’m allergic to anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs). This leaves me with ice which I’m already using. I’ve got an appointment to see my surgeon on Thursday to discuss my operation, so I will ask him what the options are for the bursitis. My physio mentioned a cortisone injection is a possibility and he might be able to do it when he sees me. But in the meantime… Ice.


High heels and my hips don’t mix

I went to my cousins wedding yesterday and wore high heels for the first time in a couple of years. It really made my outfit and I felt feminine and pretty. But by golly did I pay the price! I came home and was in a lot of pain which is only just starting to settle now. The high heels weren’t even that high!

Going to the wedding made me realise how much I am sacrificing because of my injury. I don’t go out much, I can’t dance anymore, standing around hurts, as does a sit down dinner. I’m feeling like a boring old fart! Being in constant pain is draining and at the end of the day I am tired and sore, it gets hard to focus on conversations and fully be in the moment. I have to choose between alcohol and pain relief; I feel a lot of social pressure (and judgement) around choosing not to drink alcohol. I quite like a glass of red wine, but with my meds I feel like crap the next day and usually it’s not worth it.

And of course, I really miss wearing high heels!


Waiting waiting waiting

I guess they don’t call it a waiting list for nothing. I saw my surgeon on the 4th Feb and he agreed to transfer me to the public waiting list for surgery on my hip. We talked about the possibility of having the surgery in April or May, but of course that’s totally dependent on the waiting list and his schedule. Since then I’ve been waiting to see him for a consultation in the public hospital before he can put me on the waiting list for surgery. Well, I’m pretty sure that’s how it works.

Everyday I check the letterbox waiting for the appointment slip – so far it’s been 6 weeks and I’m thinking the likelihood of having surgery in April or May is dwindling. I’m trying to be patient, but it’s so hard as I feel like my life is on hold. I’m also feeling that things are deteriorating again and the longer I wait for surgery, the longer and harder recovery will be. At the moment I’m struggling with the pain, finding it hard to keep up with my physio and the swelling on the side of my leg is persistent. I’m tired and want to get on with my life. I want to be able to walk without pain, get through a day at work without my hip throbbing or swelling up. I want to wear heels and go dancing, I want to go to spin classes and do boxing (it doesn’t even have to be kickboxing anymore). I want to do yoga again. I want to travel.

Please hurry up surgery… I want to get you over and done with so I can do the rehabilitation, get better and move on!



It’s taken several months but I’ve finally got some orthotics which we are hoping will improve my gait and reduce a bit of the pain. Instead of referring me to a podiatrist my physio had me walk on a electronic pad which measured my walk. We could see how I’m not quite loading my weight in the correct places on my feet. The files my physio took were then sent to Canada where the orthotics were custom made for me. I’ve been trying them out today and I really like them. My feet feel supported and I feel like I’m walking taller.

I guess I’ll need to get new shoes so I can wear them in the office. Sounds like the perfect excuse for a shopping trip.