Some answers on my shoulder and a plan forward

Yes I know this is a blog about my hip, but my shoulder obviously wants some time in the spotlight too.  I can’t remember when I did it, but a few months ago I sprained my shoulder getting out of the bath and it has been causing a fair bit of grief ever since.  I’ve been working with the physio on the issue and after a period of rest (and some cool taping) the shoulder got better for a period of time, then it got worse again.  Its been crunching/clicking painfully and is obviously a little unstable.   I had one round of  x-rays and ultrasound images taken early on which didn’t show much.  So after several weeks of treatment, some serious taping (like a rugby player she said), my physio was just about to write off my ongoing pain as “central sensitisation” and chuck it in the chronic pain bucket. This caused me some concern and to my surprise, she decided to order repeat images.

To my joy I found out today that I tore a ligament in my shoulder and this is why there are issues with the AC joint.  I’ve got evidence of subluxion (joint instability) and bursitis in my shoulder. For some reason it was missed in the first lot of images.  Why am I happy about this?  Well, its good to have a reason for my pain as my hip surgery is so soon.  Had it been central sensitisation causing unexplained pain in my shoulder, I’d be very concerned about having the hip surgery because the biggest risk (for me) is around having a bad pain reaction.  This risk is caused by my history of suspected CRPS and is being very well managed by the hospital, but it is still something I’m a little worried about. This is why I’m very relieved to have good reason for having ongoing pain in my shoulder.

The bad news…  I really need my shoulder to work properly for the upcoming hip surgery as I’ll be non-weightbearing and on crutches for a period of time. So the plan forward is ice x4 per day, continuation of strengthening and I’m still banned from swimming.  If there isn’t much improvement in the next week or two we will do a cortisone shot to get the pain and inflammation down before I have my hip surgery.  Usually a course of NSAIDs would be prescribed before cortisone is considered, however I’m allergic to them.

Photo: Very cool shoulder strapping by my physio, several people thought I’d actually got a tattoo!



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