And the ankle!

As you may have gathered, my ankle has been bothering me for quite some time. I sprained it a year ago and because I didn’t trust my pain levels, I choose to ignore it.  Eventually I saw the physio and had a few treatments, then figured it was good enough and my focus went back to the hip rehabilitation.   Then in March this year I made the silly mistake of taking pain killers and dancing on one leg (I really wanted to enjoy a concert) and I managed to sprain my ankle again! I’ve pretty much been seeing my physio on a weekly basis for my ankle ever since.

The sprain in March has created havoc with my hip because usually I bear most of my weight on this right leg.  So when the ankle hurt as much as the hip, I was caught in a cycle of trying to look after an injury on both legs. I’d stand on my left leg to give my ankle a break and cause my hip to be painful; then swap legs to give the hip a rest and flare up the ankle!  I was unable to use my standing desk and this caused a significant knock on effect to the hip.  In April I needed to take some time out to rest both injuries and I ended up on crutches for a couple of months as walking got too difficult.

I had ultrasounds and x-rays on my ankle which showed a lot of swelling but no major damage (phew). With taping and physiotherapy it  started to get better, then I managed to sprain it again while on crutches! Now that takes talent. After a couple more mild sprains the physio said my ankle joint was too unstable and I got confined to a brace for 10-12 weeks.  I was not impressed at the time, but its made a huge difference. With regular physiotherapy and weeks in the brace, my ankle has been getting better and better.  I’ve managed to get off my crutches and am able to use my standing desk again.

Today the physio said my heel raises are the best she’s ever seen me do and it looks like I only need 1-2 more treatments. I’m so pleased and relieved.  🙂  I need to get some new work shoes as the brace stretched my old ones and the risk of another sprain is too high, but once I’ve got new shoes I can ditch the brace too.  Hooray. One joint down, two to go!



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