A photography workshop on crutches

Today I did a photography workshop to learn how to use my SLR in manual mode. It was pretty darn frustrating with my limited mobility (and painful) but I had fun and started to get the hang of the technical aspects of photography towards the end. Luckily 6 weeks after my surgery I’m now weaning off my crutches; this meant I could throw them down and focus on the photography. I was on a pretty tight leash and spent a good 30mins at a time in one spot, sometimes lying on my stomach as it was easier and less painful than standing! My hip ROM is still rather limited so bending over a tripod didn’t work at all… but where there is a will, there is a way. I took 300+ photos!

Even though I’m quite sore now it was so lovely to be out and about. Doing normal things really lifts my spirits. I’ve got a long way to go, but I’m definitely getting there. There’s no way I could have handled today’s workshop even a week ago.



A celebration breakfast

I’ve just been to the shoulder physio and am having a celebratory breakfast as I’ve said my goodbyes. My shoulder has been niggly and there’s still some joint instability, but it is as good as it’s going to get. I’m cleared for swimming but was told to pace myself, not to swim every day and to make sure my stroke is deep. She’s given me the name of a swimming coach so I’ll probably get a couple of lessons to correct my stroke. I’ve been told pain in the 2-3 range is ok, pain during/after swimming is ok but if the joint is sore the next day I’m to do less.

Because of my hypermobility it’s very important I exercise and maintain strength in my muscles to protect my joints. Swimming is a very safe exercise and given my track record of injury that is where I’m starting! I also asked the physio about the yoga because many people are telling me that yoga is not good for hypermobile people. She told me it’s fine as long as I never melt into a position, I must be ready to jump out of a posture in 1second. It’s become very clear to me that when I return to yoga I’ll need to do it with a beginners mind. That will be a journey in itself.

So I’m sitting in a cafe (on a cushion for my hip), enjoying the sunshine and feeling a sense of optimism about the future. The hip recovery is going well and I’ve got two more weeks off work to focus 100% on my rehabilitation. I’m so pleased I’m able to use some of that time swimming and am able to put my shoulder issues behind me.

Two injuries down (ankle and shoulder)… just my hip to go! Life is good.