2 months after surgery

I’m 2 months post op now, the operation feels like a distant memory and I’d say I’m back to “normal sore” but continuing to get better with time. I’m frustrated with how slow my recovery has been, but still feeling optimistic that my surgery will be successful. I’m a big believer in positive thinking and I’m doing everything in my power to ensure a positive outcome, including moving overseas for 6months!

At the moment I’m walking inside without crutches and outside with one, unless I’m doing a lot of walking when I will use two for symmetry and speed. My philosophy with crutches is to try and slow down, focusing on form over speed. Making sure my left leg is recruiting the right muscles. I think I’m 1-2 weeks away from getting rid of the crutches entirely which is good. Both my physio and I agree it’s better to use them to manage the pain and avoid a limp. I’m looking forward to putting the crutches away forever and hope this will be my last time on them.

I am happy with my progress even if it’s a lot slower than I expected. There are some things indicate an improvement from before surgery, the biggest being able to sit in a car for short distances without too much issue. And being able to lie on my left side for 15-20mins before it gets sore. Going up stairs, and putting on shoes, socks and tights that are the only things that I really struggle with on a daily basis. That motion of pulling my knee to my chest isn’t great and my thigh feels a bit like mince meat! Standing, sitting and walking aren’t fantastic either but I’m used to that and hope with more strengthening (and time) I will continue to improve in this area. So it’s not great, but I’m definitely past the hardest part of surgery.

The next month of my rehabilitation will involve a lot of travel as I’m heading up north to visit my mother, then flying to Bangkok to stay with my father. The plan is to stay in Bangkok for a couple of months and then go to India for some yoga therapy. So my focus will once again be on the hydrotherapy, swimming and walking. I’ll also be getting back to my daily structured physio exercises which have gotten a bit half arsed while I pack up my life and get ready to move.