I joined the gym!

I joined the gym. Horray another sign of the return to normality. It’s an incredibly expensive gym, but it has a pool and yoga classes so I’ll get my money’s worth. Yoga classes here in the UK are a good £16 each! 

The gym is close to work and I’ve arranged to get a locker so I won’t have to lug my stuff around London. Being so close to work there is no excuses, and it’ll save me from staying late at work to avoid the tube-smoosh.  

I’m struggling to do my physio exercises so the plan is to focus on strengthening at the gym. I’ll start with yoga and Aqua classes, then build it up from there. The gym has an amazing selection of classes including spin, boxing, hula hoop and ballet fit! 


The first workout at the new gym 

Finally. After YEARS of pretty very crappy hip pain, two surgeries & two rounds of CRPS I’ve recovered to a point I can go back to the gym! I’m feeling super happy and excited. Don’t worry I’m building myself up slowly and carefully. I admit I was looking longingly today into the dance fit (ballet) & spin classes, but a girl has to have goals aye? Thai boxing, box fit & the hula hoop class are also on my wish list. In addition to yoga of course. 

Today for my first workout I cycled 5miles (8km) with some hills in there too. I also did some long overdue foam rolling & abb strengthening. I’m trying to get my strength & fitness back before I do the fun stuff. My left leg is still a bit thinner and obviously weaker than the right, I really hope they even out with time! 

I’m so proud of myself for getting this far and not giving up hope. I know I’ve got a fair way to go, especially as the other joints are still playing up somewhat. But I really believe in what my physio is telling me. Strength & muscle tone will protect and strengthen the joints, this will reduce the instability and problems caused by the lax ligaments. I feel like I’m almost at the final corner before I sprint to the finish line. Nearly there.