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I am a 32 year old kiwi girl who has hip pain.  It started with an accident at the gym over 2 years ago.  I’ve had surgery to clean up a torn ligament and some torn cartalidge.  The surgery was semi-successful as I am better than I was pre-op however I am now suffering from chronic hip pain which is having quite an impact on my life. I used to be very active and I feel like this hip pain is holding me back.  Its painful, frustrating and tiring.   I’ve been told I have mild Cam/Pincer FAI + mild dysplasia, but the pain I am in is most likely to be caused by the initial injury and surgery.

Chronic pain can be very isolating and I can tell my friends and family are a little bored of hearing about the hip pain.  This blog is just a space for me to process what I am going through and share my experiences with others who may be in a similar situation.


10 thoughts on “About My Blog”

  1. Hi my name is Marcy I am a hip chick. Just wanted to let you know i understand. I feel lonely alot too. People get sick of hearing about our hip stuff I know about that. Right now I am dealing with pain in foot as bad as my hips were before surgery. Waiting to have surgery 6 mos on congenital defect on forfoot. It wstarted showing itself 2 yrs ago a little bit. After thr started walking great like ive never walked before and now foot. Have to have major surgery on it? So frustrating . Dr told me surgery will be worse than hip Ugh//////////// So disapointed. Marcy Tabak

  2. Hi Marcy, thanks for your understanding and thanks for leaving me a comment. Its nice to know who is reading this thing. I am sorry to hear about your foot problems, must be so frustrating. I hope the foot surgery isn’t as bad as the doctor makes out. I don’t think it was so good for him to tell you it will be more painful than the hip surgery.. surely it will make you anticipate the pain! Hang in there and keep smiling. :- )

  3. Well your correct others have said the same thing! This is why i am travelling half way around US to Baltimore MD from Kansas where I have been living past 4 yrs. Hes on USnews world report best foot and ankle specialists in country (JOHN HOPKINS). I saw this doc 20 yrs ago. He did a wonderful surgery then. I’ve waited 6 mos to get this forfoot fixed. I have slowely deteriorated although its speeding up now. I was told 2 days ago they can get me to surgery August 27, 2012. Ugh cant wait nothing fits my foot cant keep swelling down etc. rtc. I am nervous about having to live there for whatever duration afterward. I am used to this with hip surgeries but hate it. Oh i am 44yo by the way. My hip surgeons are in Colorado (Aurora). Geuss you heard about the shooting rampage. Hip surgeon sent me to foot dr there they said wait till after thr to get foot fixed. I am soo tired of this. Thanks for listening Marcy dysplasia, FAI, Labral tear after OR mishap left hip june 2009 and Rt THR sept 2011

    1. Looks like you are in good hands! Not long to go now. Yes I heard about the shooting rampage in Aurora, terrible. Really really terrible.

      When I think of Baltimore I think of ‘The Wire’. A great TV series, have you seen it? :-).

      Good luck for the run up to surgery. (oooops – sorry, bad choice of puns!)

  4. Hi there!! I’m also a Hip chick..with a blog!! I can understand not wanting to bore your family and friends with everything…you kind of have an overwhelming guilt laying over you whenyou can see peoples disinterest in your hip/issues. You dont WANT to be an “issue’, yet, somehow it always seems to become that! Here is a link to my blog…I just had surgery a week ago on my FAI/labral tear my left one is getting done in December. I’m hoping to, (like you), keep up with my blog, a lot for myself, but a lot for others to see that there is hope after more than 4 years of undiagnosed pain, unnessary surgeries, and a whole lot of soul searching! Hope your day is great and you are feeling better and better everyday!!



    1. Hi Pam,
      Thanks for leaving me a message. Sorry its taken so long for me to reply… I’ve been unable to use the computer much, but I am getting better every day. I hope you are healing well from your surgery, the best part of surgery is RECOVERY…. you are on the home stretch now, must be coming up 2 weeks post op. Still sore no doubt, make sure you rest up.
      I’ll definitely keep an eye on your blog, thanks for leaving a link.
      Keep smiling and heal well

  5. Another hip chick here Julia – I so feel for you. I have a very long history – but suffice to say after bilateral FAI surgery 2 years ago things have gotten to the point of unrelenting pain and disability. I have just learned that I now do have Dysplasia — something I was not said to have before the impingement/labral tear surgery. My False Profile View X rays (that test for dysplasia) is now 10 degrees and was 28 pre-op… so I’m wondering if that impingement grew to protect me. I’m unstable now.. and not sure what my next move will be – but thinking perhaps a THR. In any case – i will be following you dear friend… my blog is a combination of artistic photography and poetry – but I have a “pain shadow series” on the menu header that will have more about the emotional aspects of living with chronic pain – Also My Story will give you more of my rather sad history… Please feel free to call on me for support or advice — If I do nothing else, I would love to help others through this maze of physical and emotional challenge… So nice to find you ! Blessings and Wellness always , Robyn Lee http://www.throughthehealinglens.com

    1. Hi Robyn,
      I just wanted to let you know that I LOVE your blog and your approach to finding healing via using your creativity. I hope that 2014 is going well for you, I know you are up for more surgery this year and I hope it goes well. You have a great attitude and have worked so hard on staying fit and strong, I know you’ll do fantastically.
      Good luck with the recovery,

  6. hello dear Julia,
    dear alls as I read the others comments
    first I feel very moved to see I m not that isolated with my hippy pains,
    I feel lucky because I am managing to avoid hospital

    I am a very assymetric ashtangi, double scoliose, since teenager. playing harp didn’t help! I was already in raw vegan living food when I began practising ashtanga yoga in 2000 ( I did hatha for many years before) In 2006 I was beaten by 2young mens, nothing broke because everything was so flexible, but right knee bones were out of their cartilaginous place, an right hip same.
    to me, my best way to heal is to fast, to make fasting, or diet with juices, lots of rest, acupuncture, massages, bones replacement and most important: daily awareness of the connections between the food I intake and the quality of tissues and qualities of feeling the body.
    I still have pains but much less, different, I can move again as freely as before, go on with yoga practice and feel in confidence again.

    thanks for your share, and your shares, it helps.

    1. Thanks for leaving the message Angelique, I’m so sorry you are also a hippy as chronic pain sucks. Its great that you’ve found a way to manage your pain and are able to move freely now. I think there is a lot to be said about using food as medicine and I also believe that a good diet can reduce pain and inflammation. This is something I’m trying to work on at the moment, consistency is my biggest problem as when I’m busy, tired or stressed I tend to slip into old habits.

      Thanks again for leaving a comment, stay well and enjoy the yoga!

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