The circular cycle of medication

Today the osteopath did some bodytalk testing to determine how my body is doing physically, emotionally, chemically and spiritually. I was surprised I got really low scores physically and chemically but am doing rather well emotionally/spiritually. I’ve been feeling like crap for the last couple of weeks (kind of dull/flat and a bit lost) so I assumed I was struggling emotionally but it seems I’m doing well on that front.

The physical problems are obvious so we honed in on the chemical imbalance. The conversation went a little like this:

Julia: “So is it the medications?”
Osteo does testing
Osteo: “Nope”
Julia/Osteo both look surprised
Julia: “Oh, so what is it?”
Osteo does more testing
Osteo: “Your bowels”
Julia: “Oh, what’s causing that?”
Osteo does more testing
Osteo: “The medication”
Julia/Osteo both laugh

Yes, the medications I’m on are working well for the pain but they are messing with my system. I know the new drug (gabapentin) makes me feel tired, a little dizzy and I’m sure its also contributing to that dull/flat feeling. It seems it’s also messing with my digestive system.

My poor digestion system has had a hammering thanks to the meds I’ve been taking for my hip over the last few years. It’s no surprise it’s struggling. I’m making an effort to eat well, but it’s not really enough. Id stopped taking the laxatives when I stopped the morphine but it’s clear I still need them. To make things even more amusing, when my digestive system gets clogged up, the bloating it makes my hip pain worse.

Agh, this is why I hate taking medication! But I need medication to get through the rehabilitation and get on with my life. My hope is to get physically stronger and then when the time is right wean off the medications. I really don’t think it’s sustainable to be on this stuff long term.

My evening drug round,minus the syrup and supplements I took with my dinner:




Its never a good sign when your osteopath suggests that you need surgery.

After 2 months of weekly osteopathy treatments I think he might be giving up.  He’s made great progress on my hip and overall well-being, but he appears to be coming to the conclusion that only surgery will fix my problems.  Luckliy I’ve got an appointment with my surgeon in 2 weeks time. As much as I don’t want another surgery, I’d love for someone to have clear path forward out of this mess.

The best thing about seeing my osteopath:

  • My range of movement in my hip has increased
  • My sacrum is a lot less painful and no longer locks up (so now I can lie on my back)
  • The pain has changed, it used to be consistently high.  Now it fluctuates.  I even get windows of pain free.
  • He’s got me on a herbal anti-inflammatory  (I’m allergic NSAIDs so this is a big bonus)
  • I am able to take less painkillers
  • He’s got me on Slippery Elm and Probiotics which has helped my digestive issues considerably (issues caused by taking too many painkillers)
  • Even though it doesn’t look like he can fix my hip pain, hes helped minimise it and keep it under control.

The weird thing about seeing my osteopath.  I have NO idea how it works and it freaks me out sometimes (in a good way, I just laugh).  I can actually feel my bones shifting during a treatment, its amazing.  My osteopath is particularly good though , I’ve had treatments from other osteopaths which have not been as intense.  I think I am particularly in tune with my body because of my yoga practice, so that is probably why I can feel its effects so strongly.

If you are thinking about seeing an osteopath I would totally recommend it.  They have a holistic approach and the treatments focus on getting the body to heal itself.  They have a very gentle approach and the treatments are not at all painful.