My month of yoga therapy comes to an end

My month of yoga therapy in Mysore is over. It’s not been easy and it didn’t end up being the magic cure I’d hoped it would be, but it was hugely beneficial. I feel like my battery has been recharged, I’ve met some lovely people, I’ve got a tan, I’m sleeping better and am physically much stronger now. I can feel muscles waking up all over my body which is great. My pain levels haven’t shifted much, which is disappointing, but given the amount of physical activity I’ve done it’s not bad at all. I had a few flare ups along the way but I managed these and they didn’t affect my holiday (or the yoga) too much.

I’ve now got a simple yoga practice I can do at home for one month and then I’ll need to start working with a yoga teacher at home. My home practice is a continuation of the strengthening sequence I did in Mysore, it’s going to be a challenge to find the time but I HAVE to do it! I’ve seen and felt the improvements from one month, so that will spur me on to do a second month. I’ve come this far, can’t give up. Walking is still an issue so my other goal is to swim 2-3 times a week. This will help with my cardio fitness, the weight loss and justify my gym membership. If I don’t start using that gym, the membership has to go.

What’s next… Well, a few days on a beach in Thailand to finish the tan and eat seafood. After that it’s back to reality and back to work. I’ve got 2 weeks left of my rehab program with the physiotherapist and an appointment with my surgeon. I’ll get a second opinion on whatever he says and then will make a decision. I’ll either have the surgery (if it’s recommended) or I’ll put the question about surgery behind me and get on with living my life with chronic pain. Both paths are a bit shitty but at least I can see a way through this mess. I’m looking forward to putting the seemingly endless medical appointments behind me and getting on with living my life.











Expectations of sleep

Bother. After a magical full nights sleep on Thursday night, the first in weeks, I had expected that sleep would come easily last night. It didn’t.

I think life is easier if you don’t have any expectations. It’s nice to have hope and to dream, but having expectations seems to lead to disappointment. Especially if you are someone like me who sets high expectations for yourself.

After all that sunshine, the weather is rubbish today. It’s a windy, rainy spring day. Thankfully on my mission yesterday I managed to go to the DVD store, I’m destined for a weekend of DVDs and relaxation.


Pain induced insomnia

So, I would have thought that pain management 101 is to get the pain under control ASAP so the patient (me) can function normally. And by function I mean the basics… Preparing and eating food, showers, having conversations, getting up/down stairs and most importantly sleeping and relaxing during the day.

Its 2am and my room smells like an Antiflamme factory. I’ve got warm ice packs in my bed and pillows all over the floor. I’ve taken my meds, plus the emergency extra and I’m STILL not sleeping. Damn it! I’m feeling calm, tired and a little bored. I am enjoying the near silence that the middle of the night brings.

I’m going to have a quiet, calm 2am shower and see if that helps. If not… time to try reading Matilda again, I’ve been trying to read it all month and am still only up to page 2!