How I first hurt my hip

My hip troubles started in Sept 2009 at the gym. I was “training” for an intensive yoga course in India and tore a ligament. The idea of preparing for a yoga course is preposterous to me now, but I was a baby yogi and didn’t know any better. I wanted to be fit and strong so I could get the most out of my trip. After working out at the gym I always spent a good 20mins stretching because I didn’t want to loose flexability. I was at the gym, had my legs wide open and was bending forward when…. ‘click’ – I felt something go in my hip.

The pain didn’t go away so after a few days I went to see a physio therapist for treatment. After a few weeks the pain settled so I went back at the gym. I was doing a deep squat with 20kg on my back and …. ‘click’ I felt something go. That was it, I’d completely stuffed the hip up. It took several months to find out I tore my ligamentum-teres (the ligament right at the top of my femur bone). A year later I finally had surgery and found I’d also frayed the labrum. Ooops. The surgeon was brilliant, it was a partial success in that I was in a lot less pain post-op but I have never managed to get back to an active lifestyle.

It’s now been 2.5 years since the injury and unfortunately I am still struggling with the hip pain. The doctors believe it is chronic pain relating to the injury and surgery. I have some mild abnormalities in my hip joint which I believe may be hindering my recovery.

Here is a photo of the type of stretch I was doing at the gym when I hurt my hip. It wasn’t as deep, my chin was probably 30cm off the floor:



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